maandag 11 februari 2013

Chocolate Pills

Living in Bruges and especially working in the katelijnestraat I'm surrounded by chocolates 24/7!! I think that everyday I pass at least 10 different kinds of chocolate stores on my five minute walk to work so I blame my street for my chocolate addiction!
 After a long morning walk with Mathilde, my sister and I passed this chocolate store called 'The Chocolate Line', it's a really famous store in Bruges because they make the most gorgeous window displays out of chocolate! The owner is one of belgium's best chocolatiers' Dominique Persoone' and he's known for creating the most crazy things out of chocolate! After creating the chocolate lipstick, the chocolate shooter for a birthday party of the rolling stones, the window was full with his new creation the chocolate pills!
The Window Display with the lipstick and all the chocolate pills in the back! The nurse is completely made of chocolate!
 My Choice of pills :
Never eat more pills than you can lift!
Cheaper than Therapy!
If you want to know more about 'The Chocolate Line' or 'Dominique Persoone' visit their websites :
With Love Shari

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